Our Services

Our company is one of the first organisations to provide a skills assessment service based on dermatoglyphics technology in the Middle East region. The purpose of the DNAg2 skills assessment is to provide a detailed look into the developing brain’s preferred style and speed of knowledge acquisition, learning and communication.



Parents & Teachers

  • Understand their preferred learning style and method of communication
  • Develop tailor made lesson plans to maximise their potential to succeed in whichever subjects or activities they choose




Students & Professionals

  • Discover your inborn personality and preferred management style
  • Evaluate yourself and develop your core competencies
  • Review the guidance on career paths that are most suitable for you based on your innate skills and potential to learn




HR & Recruitment Managers

  • Understand the innate skills of the candidate and determine their preferred style of learning and working
  • Identify personality traits and match the most suitable candidate to the job
  • Create customized training plans for the candidate to maximize their potential to succeed within the organization