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Formed in Dubai Knowledge Village in January 2014, Aashiya Skills Assessment Center (ASAC) is the sole certified DNAg2 franchise in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Iraq and Nigeria. DNAg2 is the scientific analysis of fingerprints for skills assessment purposes, founded by Dr. Dino Wong of UC International in Malaysia. We firmly believe that everyone is born a genius. A genius is a person who is able to utilize their talents and enhance their skills to overcome any possible shortcomings. There is a genius within everyone! The sooner we discover our innate potential, the greater our chances of success. As early as 1823, scientists have discovered that there is a strong link between our fingerprints and our brain’s multiple intelligences. In other words, the DNAg2 assessment is like a map that leads us to discover and explore our inborn intelligence and skills.

Our assessment process uncovers an individual’s innate intelligence and unique potential using an integrated database and business intelligence software that provides an accuracy of 80-90%. This technology enables you to understand yourself, your partner, your child and even your employees better whilst giving them the opportunity to evaluate themselves. So come in today and speak to us about getting your assessment done. Your assessment will take place only once in a lifetime, but it will provide a guide forever!

Meet the Team

  • Bermel Gamab
    Sales Manager

    Mob: +971 52 647 6921

  • Nimisha Bhasin
    Business Development Manager

    Mob: +971 501535014

  • Raji Bhasin
    Managing Director

    Mob: +971 52 647 6921

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